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Optimizer calls to Random number generator

Question asked by LOUZINK on Dec 15, 2004
I have the following simulation scenario:

1) MonteCarlo (with seed) calls Parameter Sweep which calls Optimizer which then calls Harmonic Balance.  Goals are achieved.

Need to re-analyze the optimized circuit.  So now the simulation scenario is:

2) MonteCarlo (with same seed as above) calls Parameter Sweep which then calls Harmonic Balance.

The problem is that the set of seed generated random numbers in 1) are different from 2). >:(

It appears that the Optimizer calls the random number generator in ADS (even if the optimization type is  not "Random" ie. "Gradient" etc.).

If so, can that aspect be disabled or is there another optimization type that I can use which does not influence the random number generator?

My goal is to get the same set of seed generated random values in 1) as in 2)

Thanks for your help,