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Error in AC simulation with mixer and spice model

Question asked by WSTR on Nov 29, 2004
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2004 by WSTR
I am running into the an error (see below) while I am trying to simulate a spice model with a down-conversion mixer (AC, Linux). The subcircuit with the spice model of the amplifier runs fine without the mixer. No problem. As soon as I am adding a frequency conversion I get the error.

Any ideas. Please let me know. Thank's Wolfram

Error message:
Simulation / Synthesis Messages
Error detected by HPEESOFSIM during AC analysis `AC1'. Frequency mapping incomplete: unable to determine small signal operating frequency at node actLP1.ad8132_model.402b.
Status / Summary
HPEESOFSIM (*) 2004A.501 Oct 12 2004 (built: 10/12/04 19:49:46)
Copyright Agilent Technologies, 1989-2004.
AC AC1[1] <(GEMX netlist)>   freq=(80 MHz->120 MHz)
Simulation finished with errors.
Resource usage: Total stopwatch time: 0.80 seconds.
Simulation terminated due to error.