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Throughput Multiplier Reporting for cycles > 1

Question asked by Juergen on Aug 21, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2009 by SweeChye
Hello everybody,

I have following Topology:
8 UUTs should be tested with one testplan over many cycles respectively over a loop of time (Menu: Options>Testplan Options>Execution).

I enabled the Throughput Multiplier set 1 testcycle thus all devices are tested with this testplan.
Each Device gets it's own report (passed/failed), all good so far.

If I now raise the cycles to 2 (or set a loop time) I will get 2x 8 reports ! For each device and each cycle one report.
Each device reports 2x passed/failed but not the whole test result (summary over all cycles).
Even if I use the loop time i get one report per device and cycle.

I want to have one report per device (passed/failed) independent from cycle count.

Currently I solved this by using a loop in my testplan.

Is it possible to solve this problem by changing the report configuration?

Best regards,