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TX crashes when inserting test (dvdll.dll)

Question asked by OnlyOne on Jun 20, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2011 by Cynthia
i am using Testexec 6.1.2 with hotfix under Windows XP SP3.
My testexec was working fine up to last friday where i opened a testplan and tried to select a test. Then there came an error.
To find the error i opened a new /empty testplan and inserted a new test in there -> same error.
Attached you find:
a) the window that appears when i press debug
b) the windows Ereignisanzeige

I already reinstalled the "" and "" with no luck.

A collegue has the same problem since last friday (on another computer). A complete re-installation of testexec with a privious uninstall didnt help.

Is there something else that i can do to solve this problem?  :?:
I dont know what happens to produce this problem. I didnt install any new software (maybe a windows-update?)

Thanks for help

best regards