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How to save symbol in symbol-table?

Question asked by OnlyOne on Sep 1, 2010
Latest reply on May 16, 2011 by Cynthia
i have a symbol-table (myTable.sym) with two variables. Then i have a testplan that is linked to myTable.sym so that i can use the two symbols.
I added two actions (echoReal) that show me the value of the two variables.
Then i get the idea that i need an additional third variable.
For this i go to View + SymbolTable + myTable and click on button "Add symbol". Then the new variable appears in the table myTable.
I close the symbol-editor and use the new variable in the testplan in a new echoReal-action.
Everything works.

Then i save my testplan and re-open it.

But now the teststep, that uses the new variable, is marked with a red-dot that says "Cannot find symbol....".

Is there a reason why there is this button "Add Symbol" also if the variables are not saved? Or is there a way, that i dont know yet, to save the symbols?
Why is there no warning message?

Thanks for the help

The TestExec-Help also describes this way but does not say any word that the added symbols are not saved.

1. With a testplan loaded, choose View | Symbol Tables in the menu bar.
2. When the Symbols Table box appears, click the name of the desired symbol table in the list near Tables.
3. Do the following for each symbol you wish to add:
4. Choose the Add Symbol button.
5. Define the characteristics of the new symbol. You can click a row under Value and choose the  button to invoke a separate editor for the symbol or expand the tree view of the symbol’s characteristics and edit items directly.
6. Choose the OK button.