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Datalogging Editor: BoardStatus - two values for failed

Question asked by OnlyOne on May 25, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2009 by OnlyOne
i´m using TX6.1.1 and i have a question with the Datalogging Configuration Editor.
I´m using the files ssfmtdef.ini and ssdsdef.ini.
In there is a field called "BoardStatus" with description:

0 indicates the testplan passed,
1 indicates the testplan failed,
6 indicates that the testplan failed,
Now i wonder what is ther difference betwen return 1 or 6? I always get a 6 for failed testruns.

=> When do i get a 1?

To reproduce what i mean follow these steps:
1. open preferences.upf  and go to section [Data Log]
2.Activate in this ection the two following line:
   Format File=$UserFilesDir$\Test Systems\ssfmtdef.ini
   Definition File=$UserFilesDir$\Test Systems\ssdsdef.ini
3. Save and close preferences.upf
4.Click on Start + Programme + Agilent + TestExec SL 6.1 -> Datalogging Configuration Editor
5. There you see now a picture as attached in the screenshot
6. When you mark BoardStatus on the right side at "Field Definitions" then you see a description for this field in the box below.
6. The red marked part is what i want to know: The difference between "1" and "6" because both stand for testplan failed.