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TX6.1.1 - Empty testplan takes 5sec - why "paused at"

Question asked by OnlyOne on May 5, 2009
i have speed-problems with the latest Testexec 6.1.1 (+ latest Hotfix 61101).
Its running on a XP-Pro SP3 Intel Core 2 Duo CPU with 1,8GHz and 1GB RAM.
When i create an empty testplan with one teststep but NO actions and run this testplan
then it takes about 5 sec to execute.
During it runs i see in the lower left corner of the Testexec-window the message:

"Paused at test "xxxxxxx in Sequence: Main" (where xxxxx is the empty test).

I removed also the topology from the testplan and exited the VeeServiceManager, so there
is nothing runnning besides the testplan.

1. Is this a known problem of TX 6.1.1?
2. Why does the statusmnessage says "Paused at ...."?
3. Where is this pause? Can it be removed?

Thanks for any ideas