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Instrument disappears in action-parameters

Question asked by OnlyOne on Apr 22, 2009
i´m using TX 4.1.2 and there i added in system.ust one module called "ser" that uses C:\Programme\Agilent\TestExec SL 4.1\Bin\hwhMsgInst.dll.
Then i selected "stdSerial" in the instrument-type when updating. The rest of system.ust is empty.
Then i created a testplan with one teststep that contains one action "msginstSend"

As you can see there is a red-error at the instrument-parameter because i didnt select an instrument (which is normal up to here):

Then i select the"ser"-instrument in the list of choices in the dropdown-list  and the red error disappaers and becomes green:

But as soon as my cursor leaves the field it looks like this. The green disapperas and the instrument-name disappears:

After it looks like this i cant change the value any more.

Whats wrong here?

Thanks for any ideas.

This happens also when i add a gpib-instrument via hwhMsgInst.dll in system.ust.
When i then use the instrument in the testplan it also disappears, but it is working.
I used a msginstQuery-action for a gpib-instrument and send "*IDN?". The select (but not visible) instruments answered with the correct result.
So i hope it is only a cosmetic-problem.

When i set the parameter to a variable (of type instrument) then the parameter stays visible BUT the variable-definition disappears (which i defined in TestStepParms).