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UTA API - How to program TE

Question asked by jszlatki on Jun 15, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2010 by OnlyOne

I don't find a topic that could summarize all the problems with the UTA API.

I would have a question:
I would like to handle a symbolTable for my parameters. I would like to refresh it from a parameterfile automatically.
Unfortunately I don't know the way how should I do it.
At the moment I'm able to read or delete a given value from an external symbol table, and save the changed symbol table with: UtaTableSave(). Unfortunately there are a lot functions what about I don't have any documentation e.g.: UtaPbDefSetParm, UtaPbDefRemoveParm... Some of them you can easily use, but others I can't use at all.
Can sombody send me an example about how to use a symbolTables (r/w/app/...) in a safe way? Or does somebody have more detail documentation about the UTA-API as the TE manual?

Thanks in advance for your help!