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Peak table Data reading for N9010A

Question asked by sebisgood on May 13, 2011
Latest reply on May 13, 2011 by tabbott

I have already read the sankar_369 topic and the responce but i trying to ask the same question for a EXA N9010A device.

I don't find any query to read the data in the table peak?

Is there a method to do this or i may to do "fetc:ana1?" to read all the data and extract peak on it???
I can do that but i think agilent develloped a routine in this way?

when i take the control by the web, throught the web serveur of the instrument i can see the data in peak table, so i guess it is possible for the instrument to send the table peak by TCP/IP protocol, so if it's not exist a command in SCPI to read the peak table, perhaps it exist a method through TCP?