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E4418B 1mW Ref source stability

Question asked by bar28 on Dec 13, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2010 by lynchdavidb
Does anyone has information about 1mW/50MHz Ref source output stability. I'm interested about output power variation not the spesification limits.
I have tried to measure 1mW output source with 432A/478A-H76 thermisor mount, but i have found that Ref putput power variying from 0.995 to 1.003mW (mount
is all the time at the same position without re-connecting). Is it normal behaving? From 432A meter i have taken Vcomp and Vref voltages
to HP 3458A DVM and calculated power output from those voltage values as E4418B service guide says.
Should i take account some issues during that measurement process?