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reading 437B via HPIB adapter

Question asked by dmiller on Dec 7, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2010 by RayH
I'm using a ProLogix GPIB-Ethernet adapter to interface to a 437B power meter.  I can communicate with the unit fine, but I'm getting continuous streaming of power readings from the device, which is making it hard to read back responses to specific commands that I send.  I have a .pdf manual for the 437B, but all the pages are images, so I can't search for text.  I found a reference to "free running" vs "standby" modes, and I see notes saying that it is normally in free-running mode on HPIB unless specifically switched to standby mode.  However, I don't see any command to specify this mode, and as I noted, I can't actually search the document.  Can anyone tell me what command would set standby mode on the HPIB port?  I would be very grateful!!