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Some basic questions

Question asked by OnlyOne on Dec 1, 2008
Latest reply on May 18, 2009 by OnlyOne
i´m using TestExec 6,1 with path 6.1.1.
Some parts are currently unclear, maybe someone can help:

1.) How can i use "Run Seleced Steps" when one of the marked part is a "Call"?
Currently it seems not be possible which means i have to SKIP everything and use the normal run-button.
This is not very comfortable.
For me this means that i cant use the Call-feature.

2.) What is the difference between TestStepLocals and TestStepParms?

3.) Same for SequenceLocals and SequenceParms.
There is also the question why a SequencyLocal inserted in "Sequence1" is also visible in "Sequence2"?

4.) Is there a chance to add a header to a Datalogging-file? (Which contains for example text like Serialnumber, Username)
Or do i have to insert a echo-string-test to display string values in report?

5.) Is there a way to set the filename of the datalogging-file?

6.) When i have a file with lots of variants and i select a part of it and copy it into another file with also some variants,
then it seems to be random which parameter-values are copied. In my opinion it should copy only the parameters from the currently
active variant.
The workaround for me is to paste the tests into a new file with only one variant and the select everyting and copy again before pasting
into the actal file.

7.) What is the use of: "Add Master Keyword / Delete Master Keyword"?

8.) How can i reset the "Current Version" in the Testplan Revision Information?

Thanks for any ideas