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Question asked by alexesme on Jun 29, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2014 by taiowa

I'm currently trying to open a session on a 16702A Logic Analyzer, from Cygwin\X software within Windows XP environment. The main communication protocols packages have been installed : telnet / rsh / rcp-nfs ...

I can telnet the logic analyzer, and log in, but the Session Manager is not launched.  I get the message : "Starting Session Manager on display my_machine:0.0", and a few seconds later, the connection is aborted.
I tried to run the SessionMgr from the : /usr/sprockets/bin/ directory, but I get an xscreensaver error. (Can you tell me which parameters need to be given ?)

Do you have any idea ?

Note : I haven't installed any Agilent application on my windows computer, do I need any driver/application to remotly run sessionmgr ?