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Agilent Web Remote SA, Multiply ESA E4407B SA

Question asked by Satcomer on Feb 13, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2011 by tabbott
   Unable to View more than one Remote Spec Analyzer at a time on client, all software packages and features work to include Excel/word addin. Is it possible to configure Agilent Web Remote SA for more than one server and view all three Spectrum Analyzers on the same client? Our client is also our Apache web server. GPIB0::18 GPIB1::19 GPIB2::20

Current Config:
    Three ESA E4407B Spec Anny Connect Via NII GPIB-ENET 10/100 All three GPIB-ENET are connected to a Lan Hub. Physical Distance is over 200-300 Feet between ESA E4407B`s to stack them on the same GPIB-ENET adapter. GPIB0::18 GPIB1::19 GPIB2::20

Computer is Running:

Bench Link Web Remote
Microsoft Java Virtual Machine
Sun Java