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Short Trace Dump on 8590E Series Unit

Question asked by SFN-consultant on Nov 28, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2010 by tabbott
I am programming, for the first time, an 8594E that I have owned since it was new about 16 years ago.  It seems to follow commands correctly.  When I do a trace dump ("TA" or "TB" command), though, the unit outputs only 383 data points instead of the expected 401.  This is the same for both the A & B traces, with Trace Data Format of type P.  (I have not been able to get the TRA? and TRB? commands to work yet, using thinBASIC.  They seem to output different data formats, although there is output as observed on the data line with an oscilloscope.)

I have determined the number of data points being output by setting the termination value in the FOR loop that transfers the received data.  Anything above 383 causes the program to hang.  The receive buffer is set to 4096 bytes, which should be plenty, but I nonetheless tried increasing it to 8192 bytes, with no change in result.

The data points are correctly representing the locations in the spectrum associated with their positions in the data array, if it comprised all 401 points.  I.e., the data is behaving as if the last 18 points just had been truncated from the data transfer.  All the points are correctly displayed on the screen of the unit.

My questions: Is what I'm seeing indicative of a hardware failure?  If not, is there some way to set or reset the number of data points transferred to the correct value?  If a hardware problem, is it likely that reseating boards will help with these older units?  Any suggestions which board(s)?  I'll dig into it if it makes sense to do so.  Any other suggestions?

Thank you for your time and assistance.