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E4407B-Minor Marker Display Issue

Question asked by nicholas.garneski on Nov 10, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2011 by tabbott
I am having trouble identifying the correct command to add the larger marker readout on the screen for the active marker. My program is written in lab-view, and right now it uses "Configure Marker Type" from the PSA/ESA driver to set the marker. When I do this it only displays it in the top right corner of the screen in rather small text. When I add the marker manually from the analyzer it displays it in large text on the screen near the trace. After adding the marker proglamatically, if I hit local and then hit marker, the larger marker display pops up. I have tried manually sending the analyzer :CALC:MARK1:STATe ON but that does not appear to be the problem as the marker is already on. I have searched through the programming manual with no success in identifying which command I am supposed to use.