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FAQ: TestExec SL Software

Question asked by SweeChye on Nov 5, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2012 by oginskjl
See below the list of FAQ regarding TestExec SL software:

1. The testplan does not run to completion. What is wrong?
2. Can I use NI Labview or LabWindows/CVI with Test Exec SL?
3. What Is the error sequence? When is it run?
4. What test steps should be in the error sequence?
5. Can I generate my switching topology files programmatically?
6. Can I generate a testplan automatically from my test spec?
7. Do I have to exit TxSL when I change the system.ust file?
8. What does "Pass/Fail Only Affects 'On Fail Branch To'" mean?
9. The Profiler doesn't display any results. What's wrong?
10. How do I interface to a database?
11. How do I turn datalogging on and off dynamically?
12. How do I use datalogging?
13. How can I configure the system to boot up automatically to TxSL?
14. How do I set up test steps to run only the first time the testplan is run?
15. How do I control automation?
16. Why do I see question marks in my switch paths?