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166X/167X LA Parts

Question asked by GetinakS on Aug 30, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2011 by mciholas
I have a 1662A logic analyzer with defective flash firmware (i've tried to upgrage it from version 1.00 to 3.01 with firmware from agilent website and LA stop functioning). Is there any way to put analyzer in "boot from floppy" mode to recover firmware, or get flash IC's memory dump, or order CPU board replacement? I think it also possible to replace CPU board with one from 166xC or 167xD analyzer (i've read about E2469A upgrade kit)? Part numbers for these boards are 01660-66514, 01660-69514, 01660-66528, 01660-69528, 01660-66503, 01660-69503.
Thank you.