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N9912A options configuration

Question asked by stanleymyc Employee on Dec 29, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2010 by am95405
hi all,

alot of customers are confuse with the option we have on N9912A, especially on network analysis option.

Here are the lists: ( Please correct me if i get it wrong with the options)
option 104 cable and antenna analyzer (standard option) - can do S11, VSWR
option 110 trasmission measurement - can do S11, S21, VSWR ( in scalar format)
option 303 network analysis function - can do S11( include phase), S21, VSWR ( in vector format ) , with multiple format like lin mag etc.

So, if customer just need scalar S11 and S21, they order options 104, and 110.

and if they need phase measurement of S11, they order option option 104, 303 with option 110.

Am my understanding correct?

and also, we know that the N9912A is capable of doing Edit Cal Kits definition file by using software, can we conclude that all the calibration kit ( up to 6GHz) is suitable to use with N9912A?

finally, with the quickcal option available, we still need a LOAD ( any load will do ) for making DTF and 1-Port Cable Loss
measurements even after quickcal calibration as pointed in page 49 of fieldfox user guide?

thanks for the advice.