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1652B Power Supply Clicking Noise

Question asked by artemisgoldfish on Aug 29, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2010 by radardoug
I just got a 1652B from my boss at work, primarily because it won't turn on and the power supply continually clicks and makes a small hissing/sizzling noise. I was assuming that it was a transformer problem, but the transformers don't get very warm, or seem to dissipate any heat at all. Stranger still is that the first time I took it home and plugged it in (which was probably the first time in several months that it was powered up), it worked fine for a few minutes, then just shut off.

Anyone have a professional opinion about this? Does this sound like a transformer problem? Or maybe some dried out caps? I don't see any leaking or bulging on any of the caps, but they could've died from old age.