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SCPI command to read trace data for N9912 through LAN port

Question asked by Siji_s on Dec 30, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2014 by wstark

I am using the command TRACE:DATA? FDATA to read trace data from FieldFox (N9912) using LAN port. There are two issues which i am confroted with:

1. the data send is as Comma-separated numeric floating point data for each point data. But i am receiving variable length of bytes for each point data. Is there any perticular predifined format for the data send (how many no. of bytes for each data)?

Now, i was previously programming for E5061 and the command CALC1:DATA:FDATA? used to send an 8 byte header information mentioning the number of bytes of data that will be transmitted. I could use this information when i am calling recv() (i am using API calls in excel VBA) to allocate the buffer size.

2. For N9912, no such header information is sent. How can i determine how many bytes of data is going to be transmitted at the command? Any suggestions for another suitable alternate function?

Thanks a lot.