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how to build a aglient action with Labview?

Question asked by ccwxh8888 on Jan 5, 2012
dear all,
i have a question need all of you to help!
now i use the labview to build Agilent testexec SL's action and dll file,if i creat a labview style action and llb file,it can work with the testexec SL, but evertime when i first run the testplan,it will start the labview first  and
execute a llb named "utaactn.llb",is it normal???? it seems if use labview to build action, must install labview software in the computer first and then the action can be executed, is it??? if yes,how can i use labview to make a general dll and action just like C/C++???
thanks for your help and waiting for the expert reply!