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Ecal temperature

Question asked by MarkTyler on May 11, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2009 by Dr_joel
When using the Ecal is there a way to read back the temperature?
Does the ECal apply temperature compensation?
Is there a way to compensate the Ecal unit temperature?

It is just that the Ecal is a precision calibration instrument and I assume should be used in a controlled environment (approx 26 degrees). The issue is the factory why I work does not have adequate air conditioning, therefore the temperature can vary from month to month and hour to hour depending if certain operators have left the Ecal plugged in or not. Therefore depending on the temperature of the calibration device defines the calibration reference plane. i.e. if the calibration kit was used to calibrate an ENA which both ECAL and ENA were at 32 degrees and a product was measured even if you could ignore measurement uncertainity on adaptors and the piece of equipment there would be a difference if the same unit was measured when the calibration was done at 20 degrees?