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Simple transmission calibration accuracy

Question asked by Omni on Nov 24, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2008 by Dr_joel
I have a box connected to the NWA (HP8510C) port 1 and I want to connect this combination directly to the DUT and measure the transmission from NWA port 1+box to NWA port 2.
All connections are SMA. The box has a fairy good return loss about 15dB, insertion loss about 4dB. The DUT return loss maybe 10dB and it is a high-loss measurement, typically -60dB. The set-up is broadband and there are no filters in the path. The frequency is at the most 3GHz.
I’m trying to make this as simple as possible and do a calibration to be used by non-technical personnel. The simplest I can think of is a response calibration since this if I have understood things right only requires one through calibration without the DUT. Is it possible to estimate the amplitude accuracy (S21) of this measurement? Would it also give a reasonable good transmission phase measurement?