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8753 VNA, data upload to Raw, flows to Formatted autmaticly?

Question asked by mramsdale on Jul 28, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2010 by Dr_joel

I was interested in understanding how Raw data flows to Formatted data, with corrections on and off.

For example, question one,  with Corrections on  , if I write to the Raw Data register, then read from the formatted register will I see the results of the corrections turned on and applied to the raw, or will this just be old formatted data?  If I then turn off the corrections will I see the formatted data changing to reflect that corrections are off ?  Perhaps there is a command that tells the VNA to re-process, much like it does when it takes a new sweep.

Question two, If I write to the corrections registers (cal registers) when will I see the formatted data change? {1/}  Is this automatic or do I need to tell the VNA to process the raw data again?  I understand that If I write the cal cefficients then take a sweep I will get the formatted data, but I am specifically talking about writing the cals and expecting the raw data register to "flow" down to the formatted register. 

I hope that is not a pipe dream.  Both questions are similar, but have a different process for which and when registers are written.

Thanks for looking at this question, I am reading the registers and performing PC based calibrations, so I want to apply my new cals to my "origional" sweep in the VNA.  Using LabVIEW

1/ The programming manual says to save the cal after writing each register then perform a sweep.  I however want to save the cal and then write to raw.  FYI.