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Mystery Agilent Return Loss Bridge part specs...??

Question asked by MikeBaker on Nov 11, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2008 by dgun
I have searched for a high-quality general purpose return loss bridge
for testing and sweeping out antennas and other items for several
years now and just acquired a return loss bridge made by Agilent-HP.

I am told that it is a test fixture for the Agilent-HP 8573 series of
network analyzers (85047A and/or the H47 variant of the 87050A
multi-port test set which is used with the PNA series, et al).  I need
an RF bridge to work up to at least 5 GHz and some of these VNA's
work up to 6GHz but I have not figured out how to confirm which
units this part was used with or what its specs and ratings are.

It has an Agilent-HP part number 5086-7488

It has Serial Number 04570 and is marked 50 ohms.

It is labeled as an "R-Channel Coupler"

It is gold-plated and has three SMA connectors on it,
one on each end and one on the side close to one end.

I am told that it is quite similar to the industry standard
Agilent-HP 86205A RF bridge but because it was built as a
"reference test standard" for top-end Agilent-HP network
analyzers, that it has specs that actually exceed those of
the 86205A RF bridge by a very substantial margin.

The problem is that I have no idea which particular Agilent-HP
network analyzer it was either built into or used in conjunction with.

I have not been able, so far, to locate any specs information
on the Agilent-HP part number 5086-7488.

It does seem to work extremely well and it does seem to
have unusually high directivity (at least 40dB at around
3GHz but somewhat less at 6GHz and 100MHz).

Can anyone on this list shed any light on how to go about
finding any Agilent-HP specs on this component?

Thanks for any help you can give!!