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E-cal vs M-cal?

Question asked by jem on Oct 30, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2008 by NathanO

I have to do measurements that require high repeatability and I'm looking at the best cal kit to use.

As far as I understand an Electronic Calibration (E-cal) kit should give better performances as a Mechanical Calibration (M-cal). Is this statement right?

I actually did some test and found that the M-cal was giving me slightly better results. My configuration is:

VNA: 8722D - Calibrated in Dec 2000
E-cal: N4691A 3.5mm - Calibrated in Mars 2005
M-cal: 85052D 3.5mm - Calibrated in Feb 2008

The M-cal has been calibrated lately and not the E-cal, could that be the reason?

Thanks in advance for your help.