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Assign Error Coefficients

Question asked by nathanorloff on Apr 15, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2010 by Dr_joel
Hi All,

I want to assign error coefficients that don't do anything to the data. In effect, I want to take raw data. When you take uncorrected data the PNA sweeps all four channels separately. If you take corrected data the PNA measures two channels simultaneously. So, corrected data is taken 2 times faster. I take a lot of data and I want to do it quickly. I can figure this out on my own, or I could be lazy and ask you all for the answer. I am lazy, so I am asking... How do I assign empty error coefficients and what are their values for the 12-term model. I imagine a vector of 1's and 0's of length(Freq)? Is this correct? and Is their an easier way to do this. I know that MultiCal and NistCal do this when they take uncorrected data.

Honestly, I cant think of a good reason why you do this. As an aside, I believe there may be an error in the guided cal. It sweeps channel 1 first when correcting channel 2, which making channel 2 twice as slow as channel 1. Another useful note- including a flush short in the OSLT cal kits would be super-useful. They have a known reflection and phase shift and are an easy way to check the OSLT.