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A question about VMC cal using 4 ports Ecal

Question asked by DeeLau Employee on Sep 21, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2008 by daras
As for the VMC cal, the guide cal shows me to select the DUT connectors and the cal kit and also the mixer out connector type, cal kit.

   The ecal used in this measurement is 4-port Ecal N4432, however, I cannot find N4433 for calkit of mixer Output connector, only find 85052B and other mechanical calkit.

   If I change another Ecal N4691B, it works, I can find N4691B for calkit of mixer output.

   Can u tell me why, in my opinion, it’s because all the connectors of the N4432 is female, and the N4691B has two connectors with different gender.