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Multiline TRL calibration

Question asked by NCCU1990 on Sep 14, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2008 by dgun
Dear all

I am using a probing station for measurement of LTCC based circuit, The transition i am using is shown in figure,
I ll be using Multiline TRL calibration;

Now obviously transition impedence is not 50 Ohm it is 72 Ohms now as i am using THRU with zero length should the impedence of line be 50 Ohms or 72 Ohms according to Agilent application note (8510-8A calibration for non coxial measurements pp15 table 1) it is said that if you are using non zero length THRU then the impedence of THRU and LINE should be same, (mine is zero length THRU?)

2. It is also said that insertion phase of LINE should be 90 w.r.t insertion phase of THRU, at the same time it is said that the optimum length is 90 w.r.t center frequency, in my case both would be different so what should i do, frequency is 10-20GHz

3. In WinCalXE when you define probe type and pitch it ask for ISS to be specified and it will be used along with NIST TRL calibration, now in my case i am not using any predefine ISS but my own set of TRL kit on LTCC how do i change that option as it wont let me have custom ISS, if i click load button then it asks for *.wci file where would i get that?

Your help is really appreciated.