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calibration through balun

Question asked by cobrasv on Sep 9, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2008 by RayH
i needed to calculate the insertion loss and return loss on a 100m twisted pair cable (differential signal). hence i needed to connect baluns to the test ports.

For calibration, this is what i did:
-i connected the baluns to the ports
-performed full 2-port calibration ie for open i dint apply anything, for short i applied a shorting lead between the differential pins of the balun, for load, i applied a 100ohm resistor(differential),and for thru calibration i connected the differential pins of the 2 baluns back to back.

Did i do right??
Did i miss anything??
So far i have no issues because i dont know if i used the right approach

Please help. Thanks a lot