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Calibration : What would best fit my specifications?

Question asked by nordmanb on Feb 28, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2010 by nordmanb
I'm working with a SOLT calibration kit made by my company and I need to make an user kit with a VNA 8753ES.

The purpose of these calibrations is to characterize a highspeed serial interface between two FPGA.
The connectors used for the calibration are SMA (female, 3,5 mm)
The frequency max of the interface is 20 GHz.

I would like to know if it exists another kind of calibration which would best fit with these specifications.I want to be the most accurate as I can.
In an application note (AN 1287-9 p.14), it is adviced to use a TRL/LRM calibration for the frequencies above 3GHz (because of the fringing capacitance). Could you be more precise about that point?