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Calibration for config. of one T/R module + one T module

Question asked by wangyt on Sep 5, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2008 by Dr_joel
As I understand, this configuration only allows for S11 and S21 measurements. What I did is 1-port calibration for S11 and a Thru response calibration for S21. I have two questions about the measurement of a 2-port filter after these calibrations.

(1) On measuring S11,  shall I load the port 2 of the filter with a matched load or connect it to the T module??? These result in different results.
I found the match of the T module is really poor, only 6dB. This may not be unusual as I am looking at an inout of a mixer.

(2) As for the S21 measurement, is this the truly calibrated S21 of the DUT, normallised to 50 Ohm at both ports? Or, should I say this S21 is "the" S21 after a full 2-port calibration??

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