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Fixture Simulator in ENA E5071C

Question asked by RAVONCAPD on Dec 10, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2009 by RAVONCAPD
We're having some difficulty with getting the ENA's Fixture Simulator to work.

We attempted to test a 50-93 Ohm BNC matching pad using the ENA's fixture simulator to change the ENA's Port 2 impedance to 93 Ohm, however the results produced do not match either the predicted S21 values or the values measured using two matching pads connected back.

The selected options were:
After calibration we selected
Analysys->Fixture Simulator(Set to On)->Port ZConversion(Set to On) -> Port2 (set to 93 Ohm Real, 0 Ohm Imaginary).

Is there some other option we should have selected?

Attached are the S21 absolute values from Back-to-back measurment(divided by 2) and using the simulator option(actual values)