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Adapter Removal vs. Unknown Thru

Question asked by bortoba on Aug 19, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2008 by daveb
Hi folks,

i have a question about Unknown Thru Vs. Adapter removal Calibration.
Which of these is more accurate ?

I found in the PNA help the following:

Adapter Removal Calibration:

This method is potentially very accurate. However, it requires many connections which increases the chances of inaccurate data.

Unknown Thru Cal

Unknown Thru Cal is the preferred THRU method of calibrating the PNA to measure a non-insertable device. The Unknown Thru calibration is also known as Short-Open-Load-Reciprocal Thru (SOLR) calibration.

- Very easy to perform.

- Better accuracy than Defined Thru and usually  :?: better than Adapter Removal.

- Does not rely on existing standard definitions that may no longer be accurate.

- Causes minimal cable movement if the THRU standard has the same footprint as the DUT. In fact, the DUT can often BE the THRU standard

What means the term usually ?
With proper technique and equipment the Adapter removal Cal is more accurate ?

I will be glad for any answers !