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8720ES Ecal Not In RF path on Chan1, works fine on Chan2

Question asked by kcherko on May 14, 2008
Latest reply on May 23, 2008 by bhokkan
I am working with 8720ES analyzers and the N4691-60006 eCal unit.  I have used 2 analyzers with no problem running the eCal on Chan1, but on the next analyzer, it will not run the eCal (Full 2 port) on Chan1.  It errors out and say Ecal Module not in RF Path.  However, if I switch to Chan2, it works just fine.  We have had this problem with multiple eCal units.

A colleague of mine also had this same problem another 8720ES analyzer.  So basically 2/4 analyzers allow you to cal on Chan1 with eCal and the other 2 don't.

We have firmware 7.74 Oct 30th 2002 on the all analyzers (although I did just load it on this last analyzer).

Any ideas?