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Need helps to calculate Type B system uncertainty for E8364B

Question asked by Tony10 on Nov 21, 2010
I need some help about how to calculate type B system uncertainty for PNA E8364B. I try to use the PNA uncertainty calculator from agilent, but the uncertainties are too big. Then i found PNA manual number E8364B-90026 has listed all possible uncertainty term as below:
Measurement uncertainty is defined as the sum of:
• the residual systematic (repeatable) errors, and  the random (non-repeatable) errors in the measurement system after calibration.
The systematic errors are:
• directivity, • source match,• load match,• reflection and transmission frequency tracking, and  isolation (crosstalk).
The random errors include:
• noise, • drift, • connector repeatability, and • test cable stability.

since we have all possible errors involved to system errors. what formula i need to use combine all these together and how to get the value for each error term above. I need that for calculate expanded uncertainty of all  8 parameters of  2.4mm agilent attenuator model 8490D. i already have done the measurements in db for 8 parameters.