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How to make adapter removal cal with E5071B

Question asked by bar28 on Feb 11, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2009 by bar28
I have tried to perform adapter removal cal with 2-port E5071B ENA, but i dont' understand the user guide notes fully. My final goal is to measure N(f)-N(f) attenuator. Calkit is 85032F

At first i made normal full 2-port calibration, where tesport 1 cable has ended calkit f/f adapter and in the testport 2 i'm using testportcable, which have typical Type-N(m) ending. After cal, i'm selecting Adapter removal as user guide saying. Should i now remove my f/f adapter away from testportcable 1 ending or should i do open/short/load measurements with this adapter on and after that remove the adapter away? In the same menu i have to tell  f/f adapter lenght which is 339ps.
I have tried to do as user guide saying (chapter 4, p. 170) but measurement results looks bad. Something goes wrong during that adapter removal procedure, but i don't know what?