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Calibration Problem

Question asked by estetevalls on Sep 13, 2011
Hi everyone,

I work with a NA E5071C and a N4431 ECal Module.
The network to be measured has 3 ports. Cables and adaptors are connected like that:

NA Port 1 --> Amplifier --> ECal port A
ECal port B --> NA Port 2
ECal port C --> NA Port 3

Initially, I had the following problem: When I was calibrating the measurement system which includes a mini-circuits amplifier ZVE-8G coming out from the NA port 1 and coming into the ECal port A, the NA showed an error "wrong RF path" or something related. Then I changed the orientation, from Auto to Manual and I configured it  Port 1 - A, Port 2 - B, Port 3 - C and the NA allowed me then to do the Calibration.

The problem is after that, the NA shows a S11 very very noisy and erroneous (peak to peak values from -10dB/-15dB to 10dB/15dB in the frequency range from 1Ghz to 5GHz, which is the desired range for my measurements).

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards.