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Calibration for Impedance measurement

Question asked by Mick on Jan 9, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2009 by Mick
I want to measure the impedance of the wire-shape sample (length ~ 6 mm) in frequency range 1-10 GHz.
Hard: N5230A 20 GHz.
I calibrated to the cable’s end and then applied the port extension procedure (with empty holder) as open. This gave me the electrical delay of 68 psec. The sample holder is rather simple, it consists of a SMA connector to which the sample is soldered, and the other sample’s end is soldered to a rod that is connected to the ground. I was told that the sample holder is specially designed for the microwave measurements.

is that the obtained from S11 measurement impedance dependence has strange form with some unexpected peaks.
1. Can I measure some well know sample to verify the correctness of the setup settings?
For example, if I measure the CGR0805 thick film chip resistor, what type of the impedance dependence should I get?
2. Could be the time domain gating useful for such measurement?