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Caibration and Residual Errors

Question asked by SOLT_guy on Sep 5, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2011 by SOLT_guy
Dear Sir:

       I own a HP8753C NA.

       I recently read a webpage on one port calibration and a question exists about how calibration errors (incorrect cal kit inputs) manifest themselves in NA measurements. 

       The webpage link is listed here, I will attempt to upload the webpage if it is possible:

       My question is, are the terms,  GA1,GA2, and GA3, which are found on the webpage,  the cal kit "models" of the open, short, and load" which are expressed as reflection coefficients?  Or, if this interpretation is not exact, are the cal kit values that the user inputs into a cal kit - data processed  - to eventually become GA1,GA2, and GA3? 

       I would like to thank you for your past replies and I would appreciate a reply to this question.