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Ap Note 1287-11

Question asked by chard on Jul 28, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2009 by chard

   I'm trying to build a model of a calibration kit and am using Ap Note 1287-11 "Specifying Calibration Standards for Agilent Network Analyzers".

   I don't quite understand Equation 1.10 and the formula for Beta*L.  This equation asserts that Beta*L is a function of alpha*L which doesn't seem right and am wondering whether this is a typo. The derivation in appendix B, formula 2B.5, shows the same formulation with a cryptic (and incomplete) "Note" in the pdf version.

    I think I could agree with this equation if it was the complex propagation constant, Gamma*L. 

   Can someone confirm whether the Beta*L equation is correct as shown in Ap Note 1287-11. If it's not correct, could you indicate what the formulation should be.