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Bad 8753E calibration in log sweep

Question asked by dgun on May 2, 2006
Latest reply on May 24, 2006 by dgun
I did an on-wafer SOLT calibration in log sweep and had terrible S21 and S22 results. I switched to linear sweep and had no problems with the calibration. Anyone know why log sweep won't give me a good calibration?

I think FW is 7.60 (that's what's returned by the *IDN? query).

EDIT: Found this:
    Revision 7.62
    Firmware Enhancements
        * There were no enhancements for this revision of firmware.
    Firmware Problems Fixed
       1. Log sweep, 2 port calibration -- "noisy" measurement trace.
I'll try the latest FW and see if it works.