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Controlling a GPIB Device With a Prologic GPIB to USB Conver

Question asked by erickulcyk on Jan 17, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2012 by erickulcyk

I am wondering if anyone has expirience controlling gpib instruments through labview using a gbip to usb controller (prologix).  Specificlly, I am looking to controller an agilent 8753ES VNA.  This model is kind of old, but I think it should still work.  So far, I installed the cirtual com port (vcp) drivers for the device, and it now recognizes the prologix controller as com4.  However, I am not sure how to access the device connected to com4.  Agilent i/o doesn't recognize it (although I am not sure it has drivers for it anyway).  I think I need the computer the recognize it as a gpio hub instead of a com port, but I'm not sure how to do that.  Do I need the d2xx drivers?  Using a tool on prologix web site, I communicate with the adapter poll the gpib address 16 (which I set the vna to), and the poll responds.  On the vna side, I have set the controller address to 5, gp-ib diag to on, and a talker/listener.  Currently, the T light is lit up, meaning it is talking (as opposed to r,l,or s).  Any help would be appreciated.  If I could get it a visa address, that would be great.