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Problems reading traces in N5242A

Question asked by keplovic on Feb 20, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2012 by Dr_joel

I have a TX/RX DUT which can be configured in 64 diferent states of gain and phase. I have to meas diferent phases for each gain state. I have tried different things in order to get all the S21 traces but I have always the same problem: Time out error and this problem appears in different moments but always in the same VI.

I work with Labview 2010, and this is what I do:

- STEP 1: Equipment Configuration: This step configures the instrument (PNA in this case)
- STEP 2: DUT Configuration: This Step configures the DUT (Gain and Phase)
- STEP 3: Read data: I get the trace values (Gain and Phase)

In STEP 1 I configure the PNA with two windows in the same channel. We can find the gain trace (Meas1) in the first window and the phase trace (meas2) in the second window.

Step 2 and 3 are inside a For Loop

In Step 3 I configure th trigger (Continuous), the average (3) and I clear the average. Next, I wait for the three sweeps (average) and I read the meas1 trace and meas2 trace. When I'm reading the data I'm using Read from N.I. drivers. In this VI randomly appears the problem. (Time out problem) . I'm reading the data in FDATA format REAL32. Another thing that happens is that when I'm reading the data the PNA always sends something like: Warning: the number of bytes you are reading is equal to the number of bytes in the buffer, there can be more data in the buffer.

Any ideas?