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3-port CAL / meas. with PNA E8364B with option 550

Question asked by tomoey on Oct 25, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2006 by Dr_joel
I need to create a 3-port (coaxial) calibration in such a way that  one set of 2-port data, or even just a data for forward transmission in a given signal path are to be measured, prior to acquision of a full 3 x 3 S parameter matrix.  This is a part of my trouble shooting process for the current devices that I am working on.

I created a full 3-port calibration with option 550.  Even though I only need S32, with this CAL, PNA sweeps all of 3 ports in forward / reverse direction, which slows me down very much.

Therefore, I am thinking of the following two methods:

1). perform a full 3-port calibration with option 550.  Then, download the 27 error terms via SCIP, and then create 3 subsets of 2-port CAL set and upload.

2). perform a three sets of 2-port CAL, and then combine all of error terms into a 3-port CAL matrix to upload.

Is there any good way to accomplish my goal?  Any suggestion will be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.