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8753ES Learn String Length

Question asked by erickulcyk on Feb 15, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2012 by erickulcyk

I has wondering how long the output to the command OUTPLEAS is supposed to be on the 8753ES VNA.  I am using a labview program which sends that OUTPLEAS, waits for two seconds, and reads in all data on the serial port (using gbip/serial converter).  I am getting a little over 4000 bytes (the exact length was different for different configurations of the VNA).  However, when I write it back using INPULEAS, it gives me a block input error on the VNA.  Labview also tells me I that all of the bytes were written + 16.  The exact string I send to write a state is:
INPULEAS<4000 Byte State>;CONT;<eol>.

The thing is, I hit a problem like this when I tried to use 800+ points form each waveform.  The data I received was not the length I expected.  So possibly there is a cap on the serial buffer....

Any thoughts would be appreciated.