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Command Expert Question

Question asked by w3kq on Feb 9, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2012 by tsilchia001
I downloaded and installed Connection/Command Experts earlier this week.  I also downloaded the SCPI library for an Agilent E5071B ENA. 

I would like to use this program to create the proper SCPI command strings to send to the ENA for a desired measurement.   I am aware of the Command Expert function on the Instrument I/O palette, but I wish to send the string characters to the instrument using the standard VISA Write commands.  I would also like to view the command string exactly as sent to the instrument.

Using an example of setting up the ENA's sweep range's center frequency, I can generate and sucessfully "peform" the desired operation using the SCPI string created by Command Expert.  I cannot seem to export, or see the exact string of the command actually sent to the ENA. 
Using "copy as code" from the sequence editor window and pasting here --> :SENSe<SENSe<Ch>>:FREQuency:CENTer <center>
and the Ch and center parameters to the left of this window with the correct values (Ch 1 and 100000000 hz in my trial),

Is there a way to view (and copy to the clipboard and/or save) the actual SCPI command string sent to the instrument (In this example  :SENSe1:FREQuency:CENTer 100000000 )

I've tried the export sequence option, SCPI Language selected, but still do not see the actual parameters substituted in the SCPI string.

Is it possible to use Command Expert in this way?

Followup: I tried using Command Expert on a N5181A source, and it works as expected.  I see the actual command line sent to the instrument appear in the sequence window, and using export options works as expected.

Thanks for your time