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how to receive S parameters from 5230?

Question asked by zxjcd00001 on Dec 10, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2011 by odanzy
Dear sirs,
        I need your help now. I have read S11 from 5230 with matlab, but when I go on to read S12, S21 and S22, it always failed with some problems. Below is the code with problems I used.  There are two cases. If i do not set the frequencies, the 5230 will present all data in wide frequency band, the "fprintf(VNA,'CALC:PAR:MOD %s','S12');" works well and i could read data successfully. But i do not need data with so wide frequency band. When i set the frequency parameters, however, the "fprintf(VNA,'CALC:PAR:MOD %s','S12');" failed to present S12 trace. What is trouble in my code?
       I want read all S parameters in the same measurement, is the "opc_comp = query(VNA, 'SYST:PRES; *OPC?', '%s\n' ,'%s')" triggers a new measurement?
      Thanks very much for all of you! I hope i could solve my problem with your kindly help!

% ---------------- S12 --------------------------------------
opc_comp = query(VNA, 'SYST:PRES; *OPC?', '%s\n' ,'%s')

fprintf(VNA, 'SENS:FREQ:CENT 1.85ghz');%
fprintf(VNA, 'SENS:FREQ:SPAN 0.3ghz');%
fprintf(VNA, 'SENS:SWE:POIN 301');%

fprintf(VNA, 'FORM:BORD SWAP');
% fprintf(VNA, 'FORM:BORD NORM');
fprintf(VNA, 'FORM REAL,64');
fprintf(VNA,'CALC:PAR:MOD %s','S12');